Best Returns on your deposits

Start saving your money with an account that exceeds all your requirements. Choose the best savings option to see your money grow and pay rich dividends.

Savings account

It is considered as the safest saving option in the banking sector. Savings account is a deposit account where you can store your money and earn interest on it. Being the most basic and accessible savings option, it also gives you the flexibility to withdraw/deposit whenever you are in need. In most cases, you are required to keep a minimum balance to keep your account active. However, certain banks also provide zero balance accounts. The account can be easily opened by any person regardless of the age. 

You can deposit funds either by cash or cheques into the savings account. Now since online banking has become the norm for financial transactions, you can transfer funds using features like RTGS/NEFT/IMPS/UPI easily in a few clicks.  

FinFortune provides its customers with an unbiased comparison of savings account features from different banks. Every bank offers savings accounts with different features and benefits. You can choose the most befitting one.

Fixed Deposit

Commonly called as FD (Fixed Deposit), is an investment instrument provided by banks and NBFCs. Customers can park their money in a fixed deposit account over a fixed period at a predefined interest rate. Fixed deposit gives you more stability than any other account. 

The interest earned is comparatively better than the returns from the savings account. Unlike other investment options, savings in Fixed deposits don’t involve any market risks. The money can be withdrawn after the tenure completion.  Also, the depositors have an option to withdraw the money even before completion which they can do by paying a penalty. The account holder also has the option to apply for loans and credit cards against the FD deposit amount. 

Moreover, the money you deposit in Fixed deposits is secured with an insurance cover of upto 5 Lakhs by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation.