Among financial terms, savings and investments are the most often heard words and there is a vast difference between the two.

Savings is a passive method of accruing wealth as the risk element is very low. On the other hand, investments are considered an active method of wealth generation that can bring higher returns, but the risks are higher as well.

Investments are significant in today’s ever-changing economic landscape. There are multiple investment schemes available in the market and people seek them to make  profits. Investments enable you to build a corpus for retired life and even acts as a saviour to your family in case of your demise. You can also get tax benefits when you opt for some investments.

At Finfortune you can find investment schemes from various financial institutions in India that are safe and guarantee good returns.

Types of Investment options at Finfortune

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are one of the popular investment instruments these days. Mutual funds refer to a pool of money collected from investors which are invested in securities, usually stocks and bonds. Mutual Funds are managed by fund houses that offer various schemes designed to provide optimum returns to their customers.

Mutual funds are an excellent investment instrument to get exposure to expertly managed portfolios. As the fund house gives you schemes where your assets are invested in different instruments, you also get to diversify your portfolio. Performance of mutual funds carries market risks.

Types of Mutual Funds

Equity Mutual Funds – As the name suggests, when a mutual fund scheme makes investments in equity shares of companies it falls under the category of Equity Mutual Funds. It has the potential to offer the highest returns among all types of mutual funds and returns depend on the market. At Finfortune, we provide you options to invest in a variety of Equity Mutual Funds.

Debt Mutual Funds – Mutual funds with investments in debt, securities, and other fixed-income instruments fall under the category of Debt Mutual Funds. This is preferred by risk-averse investors and the returns are comparatively lower than equity funds and  are not affected by market conditions.

Hybrid Mutual Funds – Hybrid Mutual Funds or Balanced Funds are where the investment is split between equity and debt. This combination balances the risk-reward ratio. It can be considered one of the best instruments available currently as it to diversifies your investment  portfolio.

Monthly Income Scheme

Under this scheme, a person invests a specified sum of money every month and will receive interest on a monthly basis providing for periodic returns on investments. 

Types of Monthly Income Schemes

  • Senior Citizen Saving Scheme
  • Post Office Monthly Income Scheme
  • Fixed Deposits with Monthly Payouts

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